It is not possible to meet St Paul, who has suffered a heavy defeat in
the previous game, this time at 0-3 away from Mothersburg. Nothing more,
nothing less than the usual, was unsuccessfully limited to its
inhibiting tasks, while for yet another game it was aggressively
non-existent. Fifth defeat in the league for the team of Lederer, which
counts just one victory after the lap of 22 games. Still standing at the
bottom of the Bundesliga, it has the worst attack on the category, and
now seems to have come to terms with the idea of the playoffs, as it can
hardly hope for a better picture.

玩法 主队 指数 客队 让分 萨尔茨堡(0.91) 两球 圣珀尔滕(0.99)

With enough fortune, Salzburg managed to leave on Thursday with the rank
of Anotato, where he scored 2-2 with Sochiedad. Although the hosts were
better at home, the bulls took advantage of the defensive mistakes of
Socidad and managed to get the result that gave them a slight lead in
qualifying at the 16 of the Europa League. Rosess team is naturally in
the mind of the rematch of the next Thursday, but he certainly knows he
can not leave the championship in the second place. Much better after
Sturm Grazs new gauntlet, with Salzburg today having the chance to win a
+7 away from its opponent The Bundesliga has made it 2/2 after
re-starting, measuring two wins against Antrim (2- 1) and Altach (0-1),
with a total of just one defeat in the league this year. It is
self-explanatory for the rosette by the technical roze who will give
breath to his main players.