With the left, Aalborg has begun its defeat in the league, defeating 3-2
away from Silkeborg, without reminding the team of defeating bones
before the winter break. Aggressively he got a good chance after he
managed twice to react with really nice to the lead that the home side
took, but an inertia of the defense at 84 turned out to be enough to
give her … a free shot and to remove it from the privileged six.

Given the pressure exerted on coach Morten Berghorst, who said: We know
what Brondby is, but we are ambitious to hit her in weaknesses. He was
now in 8th position with 26 points (6-8-6), a perfect balance in his
home performance (3-3-3), with a total score of only 20 goals. Alman
(Defender, 16/1) returns to the mission, the only long-standing
Rampildede (striker). It should be noted that she has the tradition with
her side that she wants to win Brondby in the last seven games that he
has welcomed (7-1-1).

With … forlorn and determined to give it all to win this years title,
Brondby returned from the winter break, who did not encounter the
slightest problem with Ligbys frustrated financial problems and reached
3-1 in the away game. He made sure he was serious and concentrated
early, preceded the 23 with his own goal and even after completing a
one-hour fight he had cleaned up, having scored two more goals, with the
hosts just reducing shortly before the ninety.

It is worth noting that it was its sixth consecutive victory, only one
of them did not accept a goal from its opponents. We respect Aalborg
without limit, have a lot of potential as a team and very good players
especially in the midfield area, said Chorniger. It remains at a
distance … breathing from the top (-1), is in second place with 46
points (14-4-2), enjoying excellent performance away from home (6-2-2).
He has completed cards and Larson (Defender, 20/2) will be missing, with
Halimi (Midfielder, 19/7) questionable, who lost the previous one
because of annoyances.

玩法 大分 指数 小分 进球数 大分(1.00) 2.5/3 小分(0.88)